MOE Scholarship Program for Overseas Study in Arts and Design is a government highlight project promoted by Ministry of Education corresponded with Executive Yuan seeks to improve the cultural and creative industry and cultivate the elites that can devote to cultural and creative industries in Taiwan.

The project aims to make use of domestic resources and combine it with international education system to build the network between the industry and educational institutes. Through providing full funding for talented arts and design elites to go abroad to be trained at international prestigious companies and design schools, wish to achieve the goal of leveling up the students¡¦ profession and furthermore improving the country¡¦s competiveness.

Besides, this program also focuses on building the channel between industry-academy cooperation, expecting the conduction to be more effective. Along with developing and promoting industry-academy teaching resources, it is also expected to accelerate the long-term cooperative relationship between industry and academies and at the same time strengthen the cultivation of multi-area elites in terms of cultural and creative industries.


Digital tools and creative media has become the center of newly-rise cultural and creative industries and digital industries, and it¡¦s also a highlight industry under government¡¦s development project. This field is like an arts crystal combined with technology, aesthetics and culture; it¡¦s also one of the star industries. Apart from the U.S.A. and Japan, which are equipped with abundant production experiences, the other developing countries such as South Korea, India, and Singapore also invest significant budget on developing the industry. As a result, this project focuses on sending students to overseas renowned animation schools and companies for internship; the project goal is as follows:

1. Cross-Border and Cross-Culture Elite Training
   Target students are those who major in arts and design. The application process is entirely transparent and enables the applicants to apply via various ways such as paper documents examination and professional skills training. We carefully select qualified elites and recommend them to go for a one-year study or intern in famous educational institutes or companies in countries including America, England, France and Japan.

2. Emphasis on Intern Courses; Connected with International Industries
   The students can not only study in famous schools in America, England, France and Japan, they also have the chance to visit well-known animation production companies and get to see the actual working process or even become part of it. It is in this way that the students get to expose themselves to the latest skills and knowledge and bring these new concepts back into their domestic countries so that the government can store the energy for the capacity of digital media.

3. Teaching Faculty from the Industry; Industry-Academy Cooperation
   We invite famous experts with digital media background to be the judges to select qualified design elites to attend the summer workshop. Furthermore, the summer workshop also provides a series of subject lectures for the students to know the latest information from the industry and expand more vibrant learning spaces.

4. Feedback-Sharing; Design Education Circulation System
   When overseas elites come back from abroad, they will not only share valuable experiences with their peers at school but also with students in the summer workshop as well as future prospect students. And this feedback-sharing process will then formulate a sustaining circulation system of knowledge and experiences.