MOE Scholarship Program for Overseas Study in Arts and Design (SPOSAD) is an elite cultivation project held in Taiwan since 2005. One of its goals is to breed young students in the field of design industry. Through serial public selection, the program hopes to discover talented young students, and provide them with the opportunity of a 1-year academic and practical training in its overseas partner institutes, which are well-known for their accomplishment in arts and design.
Overseas Partner Institutes (2015-20)
The program is currently divided into 4 groups of respective domains: Digital Animation, Visual Communication Design, Product Design, Architecture and Urban Landscape. NYUST is in charge of Digital Media and Visual Communication Design. Below is a list of partnered institutes in 2020.
Digital Animation
  1. University of Southern California, USA
  2. Sheridan College, Canada
  3. Gobelins, l'École de l'image, France
  4. Supinfocom-Rubika, France
  5. AKV|St.Joost, the Netherland
  6. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
  7. Polygon Pictures Inc., Japan (Animation Company)
  8. Teesside University, United Kingdom
Visual Communication Design
  1. ArtCenter College of Design, USA
  2. Pratt Institute, USA
  3. Parsons the New School for Design, USA
  4. Gobelins, l'École de l'image, France
  5. Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
  6. Musashino Art University, Japan
  7. Design School Kolding, Denmark
Selection Process and Important Timing
Below is a brief timetable for the selection at different months of a year.
Feb New program approved by Ministry of Education, Taiwan
March - May Open for application
June Domestic selection of top 30 students into summer workshop
July Summer workshop
December Domestic selection of 4 candidates among the top 30 students
January – April (next year) Scholarship winner chosen by the partner institutes
September (next year) Study Abroad
Domestic selection of top 30 students
The committee will review applicants’ school works and documentation. Applicants who submit their registration forms will also be required to provide documents, such as their portfolios, autobiography, study plan, certificate and awards, which serve as an evidence of their professional ability. The domestic committee will choose top 30 students into summer workshop.
Summer workshop
Lecturers and professors from the partner schools/institutions give lecture to the 30 best students from the universities all over Taiwan who will compete with each other for the one-year scholarship in foreign institutions. The purpose of the workshop is to provide them the opportunity to acquire some basic skills or knowledge about design and to show their potential and talent in design. A final score will be given to each student after two weeks of workshop.
Selection of 4 candidates
The committee will officially name the students with the top grades as the participants of this project in accordance with the admission requirements issued out by the overseas partner schools/institutes. Candidates will also be required to take language proficiency test in accordance with the partner schools/institutes’ policy.
Scholarship winner chosen by the partner institutes
The 4 candidates will be sent to the partner institutes for admission review. The partner institute is independent in deciding the most suitable student to its school.
Record of Achievement
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